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At Coastal Frozen Beer, it is our mission to provide you the coldest beer possible. Our FroBeer machine is revolutionizing the concept of beer drinking. The machine produces a frozen head which allows you to place the Fro head on top of your beer, locking in the CO2 ... and keeping your beer fresh. The head begins to cool your beer instantly, therefore making your last drink colder than your first. The FroBeer head is made from 100% beer.

Our machine

Our Machine

The machine resembles a 'slushy' machine, but the technology is designed specifically for beer only. This machine is NOT a daquiri machine. The beer machine is uniquely engineered to produce the frozen head; however, the technology is proprietary. The frozen beer head is ...similar in consistency to soft serve ice cream, however the similarity ends there, because it is made from 100% beer, YES JUST BEER, the beer of your choice.

Only beer, any beer, domestic or craft, is put into the machine. It produces a creamy, smooth product, which is called a 'frozen head' or an 'insulated cap'. No ice is used, so it will not dilute your beer! It comes out of the machine and is just 'swirled' onto your beer and sits on top while you drink it. Even in the hot sun, your beer will stay cold for a half hour or longer.

What we Do

How Fro Works

The 'Frozen Head' can be put on ANY beer. It can also be put on the top of, a Bloody Mary, a Margarita, Seltzers, pitchers, and buckets of beer.

For all your beer connoisseurs and brew masters, the head does not alter the taste or dilute the beer, it is simply beer on beer. Any selection of beer, domestic or craft, can be used in the machine. The flavor options are endless, so you use your crafty imagination. NO beer is wasted when using the machine. At the end of the night, place the remaining frozen beer from the canisters into a sealed container, and store in the freezer. The following day, upon thawing to liquid form, add the beer back into the machine and begin the process.


Coastal FroBeer is an operator and distributor for the FroBeer machines. We gladly sell to any business that simply sells beer. We can ship the machine anywhere. Using the machine is simple, we offer training in person, through video chat, and over the phone.

Bars, Breweries and Restaurant Owners

This commercial beer machine will elevate your sales and provide your loyal customers with the absolute COLDEST beer ever! We are creating a new expectation of what a cold beer should be. Remember COLD beer is not seasonal.

We are excited to offer our services throughout the Florida Panhandle, including weddings, private parties for any occasion, corporate, sporting events and festivals. We are expanding our FroBeer concept from coast to coast, so if you are outside of our immediate area, just ask, we will accommodate your request.


With the beer machine rentals, we will provide staff members to operate the machine and serve for your event. Prices vary dependent upon rental time, number of guests, as larger groups may require two machines.

We can provide the beer of your choice or accommodate a dry hire.

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We would gladly create a partnership with you to serve your customers with the coldest beer!

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